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Hi, Zoe here...

"There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met." 

- William Butler.

This quote is particularly resonant for me, because I believe that one of the greatest pleasures in life is to be receptive to cultivating relationships wherever I go, whatever I do, and with whomever I meet. So it should come as no surprise that I love my life as a professional companion, as it allows me to pursue my passion.


Perhaps it can be attributed to my small-town French Canadian upbringing that I have a perpetually amiable demeanour and genuine interest in others. I also am always willing to invite conversation and share a laugh with both those who know me well, as well as those who don’t know me. My sense of humour, which at times can even be self-deprecating, generally puts people who might otherwise be hesitant to approach me more at ease. The food I "cook" however, will not put people at ease, as I have no shame in admitting I am terrible at it. Quite simply, my positivity and joie de vivre are infectious and make others want to get to know me, spend time with me, and laugh with me.

My unique combination of poise and positivity renders me to be the rare companion for someone who seeks tempered sophistication but also has an insatiable appetite for passion and outright fun. These same qualities have also afforded me the versatility to move with ease in social settings ranging from informal to formal, and anything in between. I can dress comfortably in easy-going – but still impeccable and fashionable – attire just as easily as I can vamp it up in sexy, high-fashion couture that’s sure to turn heads – especially yours. Regardless of the occasion, you can rest assured that I am a discreet companion who always maintains an unshakeable sense of decorum.


Lucky for you, my versatility also extends to our time spent behind closed doors. I can be angelic one moment and mischievous and devilish the next. I can be a sensitive, good listener one moment, and a wild, free-spirited partner willing to explore pleasure, lust, and hedonism the next.

A university-educated professional, I am well-read, well-travelled, and have an insatiable curiosity and willingness for intellectual conversations and new experiences. I am always looking for an excuse to add a stamp to my passport. My list of dream destinations is endless and includes Ireland, Switzerland, Maldives, Kenya and the Galapagos Islands to name a few. I lead a healthy disciplined lifestyle, which I can accredit to my 12 years of ballet training. I can't think of a better way to explore new experiences, adventures, and all-around fun than with a partner who shares my outlook – someone who likewise shares my appreciation for wellness, sports, travel and culture, and for whom forming a long-lasting connection would be a mutually inviting proposition.

As I lead an exceedingly active lifestyle with a full social calendar, I am selective about who I will meet, and try to maintain only a select few suitors. I also prioritize my time for people with whom I believe I will have an excellent connection and experience. I’m always game and ready to escape the mundane and explore whatever excites us. Our fantasies and passions are limited only by our imagination and creativity. Everything in life is more enjoyable when done with someone with whom we have a meaningful connection.


All it takes is two willing, like-minded participants.


Are you that person...?

Xoxo, Lady Zoe

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