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I've never given a 10 review before and I don't say it lightly when I say Zoe is the most beautiful girl I've ever met in my entire life. An absolute goddess. I find myself still grinning hours after seeing her and I find myself completely obsessed with her after our encounter.

I honestly can't believe she's real, I still don't. She looks like the beautiful instagram model you've fantasized about for years, only she was real and in the flesh, and she was treating me like I was the most handsome person she'd ever met. (i'm definitely not, haha)

I couldn't recommend her highly enough, she's a true companion of the highest caliber. I think she should charge 10 times her rate and I don't think she'll be in this business for much longer so I would see her as soon as possible.

When she opened the door, my jaw dropped at the gorgeous young woman in front of me. She looks 10 times better than her pictures, which are already amazing. She was dressed in a casual outfit with a sexy crop top that showed off her perfect body. I know I said it already, but I just want to reiterate how gorgeous this girl is. There have been so many times where I've gotten my hopes up before seeing someone only to be disappointed. This was the first time where I was shocked by how gorgeous the provider was.

After several years in this hobby, I must mention the incredible Lady Zoe. I spent several hours with her. From the first minute, I knew my evening would be amazing. Zoe immediately charmed me with her smile, her ease of discussing a lot of subject ... she is simply brilliant!

Besides her completely awesome attitude, she is the most beautiful courtesan I have ever met. Her body still makes me dream. She is the goddess everyone dreams of meeting once in their life ... the photos of her on Twitter are only a glimpse of her great beauty.

Today, I met Zoe, who is one in a thousand. Beyond...way beyond anything I would have imagined or expected - She is gorgeous . When she smiles she looks like Miley Cyrus. There is mischief behind those eyes. When she is enjoying herself she looks like Jessica Alba.... but with platinum hair. I plan to see her as often as possible. Zoe is playful, charming, gorgeous in body and face.

Zoe entered my hotel room smiling and kissed me on both cheeks and said "Coucou coco!" By feeling her intoxicating smell, I was immediately charmed.
Her photos were completely accurate. She has a beautiful big white smile and perfect soft facial features. Her personality is filled with energy. She can hold a conversation, and has an excellent sense of humor... She is really kind and attentive.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lady Zoe for the first time. She’s the best companion I met in my life. She is very organized, professional and classy. Dressed sexily with a smiling face and playing a nice music, she welcomed me to her hotel room. We had a glass of wine together, while she was friendly and respectful in companionship. She has a slim sexy body and soft skin. She gives all her attention during the date being an excellent hostess. After all, it seemed like a couple of minutes with her and you can’t notice how fast your time goes. I can’t wait to see Zoe again!

Very interesting chit chat with a beautiful and elegant girl with « intellectual depth », which is a bit surprising considering her uncommon sex drive I was about to discover! Women like Zoe who initially communicate elegance, class and intelligence but then become passionate sexual beasts have always excited me so much... She did warn me before that she could be both an angel and a demon on the same date... and that’s exactly what I got! I actually felt like there was even more to discover on a second date, a third date, a fourth date…

As I walked into the room, a angel-like curly blonde hair Zoe wearing white lingerie opened the door and welcomed me in. I had told Zoe that she was missing her wings and she could very well be one of those supermodels on the Victoria Secret fashion show. I had really enjoyed my time with Zoe. You wouldn't find a happier person than her and she really enjoys what she does. She was there for me and all of my needs, and for that 4 hours time I really felt like we were boyfriend and girlfriend being intimate with each other. I wanted to thank Zoe for agreeing to extend the time so that we could have more time to spend with each other and I could explore both her thoughts and her glorious body: those soft lips, that wavy curly hair, those beautiful boobs and ass, and most importantly that smile.

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