What is the best etiquette when contacting you?

Think of your first contact with me as you would in a dating site introduction. Introduce yourself and be sure to divulge as much as you are comfortable sharing (i.e., likes, dislikes, favourites, plans for our time together).

Please, include all information, along with your requested date and length of date in your initial email. You also may fill out the Booking Form in on the Contact page.

For more details, read my Contact page. Please remember always to be a gentleman. Emails with missing information or that are impolite or disrespectful will not receive responses.

What can I expect during our date?

I am a very affectionate and demonstrative girlfriend. You can expect me to be engaged both as a listener and speaker. I enjoy forming natural and organic connections with people, so I would expect that as we spend more time together establishing a friendship and camaraderie, we also will develop a level of comfort that extends beyond the confines of a bedroom.

My ideal dates begin casually with a meal, some wine or tea, and progress in a free-flowing, unforced manner. Once we develop a comfortable rapport and form a connection as individuals, we can more easily allow the date to follow its natural course as it moves behind closed doors. I anticipate that as we become more familiar with each other, our chemistry and connection will become more palpable, leaving us both longing for our next encounter.

What are you looking for in a suitor?

I am excited to meet someone who is looking for a genuine connection and great conversations. A kindhearted, gallant, and high-spirited person will make me melt. The easiest way to make an amazing first impression is to arrive with an open heart, a smile, fresh breath, and absolutely impeccable hygiene.

What are your stats?

I am French Canadian, and was born in Quebec City. I do have a French accent, which I hope won’t vanish while living in Toronto. I completed my undergraduate university program in English, which allowed me to master my second language beautifully. 

Moreover, I am 5’8 and in my late 20s. Throughout my life, I have maintained a spectacular life hygiene with regular workouts and a stress free lifestyle, which allowed me to maintain a slim fit figure. 

What information do I need to provide prior to meet?

I am a very discreet companion who will always respect your privacy. I screen because I thrive in a safe and secure environment.

Hence, I ask that you provide one of the following:

  • 1 reference from independent providers you have seen in the last 12 months;

  • An unaltered piece of your government photo ID

What is your deposit policy?

I generally don't ask for a deposit. I am relying on the honour system. The instances when I will require a deposit are for longer durations, FMTYs and when I tour. However, I will ask for a deposit if you have to cancel or reschedule our date.

What is your confirmation policy?

I always confirm my dates at least 24 hours prior. Please, respond to my confirmation correspondence by a minimum of 12 hours prior. If you don’t, it will be considered cancelled.

What methods of payment do you accept?

I prefer cash. If this is not an option for you, I can accommodate an e-transfer 30 minutes prior to our date.

What is your cancellation policy?

When we set a date, I work with the honour system and generally do not ask for deposits. If you are a new friend and have to cancel or reschedule our first date, you will be asked for a 50% deposit to do so. If you cancel our date with less than 24 hours notice, I will require  the total donation for our time together.

Can I review you?

Unfortunately, no. I have a strict no review policy. I have accumulated stellar reviews in the past, and there are enough relevant information about me online for you to know what to expect regarding my personality and experience. If you are worried about my verification, please take a look at my strong online Twitter presence at @ladyzoeto and if needed, I can provide client references.

Can I make an outfit request?

I will be enchanted to accommodate my accoutre to your general taste - casual or elegant. However, outfit requests do not spark my interest. I believe that a woman thrives when she can be the most accurate version of herself. If I feel beautiful and comfortable in my attire, you will automatically feel it. By consequence, our time together will be enhanced.

Do you provide Duos?

I do not provide duos. I cater to gentleman on a one-on-one basis.