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  • I expect you to be courteous and respectful in all our interactions – before, during, and after our time together.  I am a sensitive, caring individual with personal limits. I expect that you will always respect them.

  • I ask that you place the donation in an envelope in a visible spot within the first few minutes of our meeting. To avoid any awkwardness, please don't make me ask for it.  If we are meeting in a public place, please hand the donation to me in a gift bag or a book.  

  • A washroom will be at your disposal once you arrive at our agreed-upon indoor location. Since I want to chat with you first, I will not ask you to head to the shower right away. However, please excuse yourself to the washroom to use hand sanitizer and mouthwash before coming back to chat with me. As our chemistry progress, I will ask you to excuse yourself for a shower. You will be provided with antiseptic mouth wash, a wide variety of soaps including a fragrance free one, as well as a fresh towel. Likewise, I will always be looking my best, being fresh and ready for you.

  •  I ask to be in drug-free environment. Please, do not consume any illegal substances in my presence or I reserve the right to terminate our time together. I do not mind if you have consumed alcohol prior to our date, but I ask that you arrive not intoxicated.

  • For dates more than 15 hours and multi-day escapes, I require 8 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep, and 2 hours per day of alone time to recharge. This includes anything from going to a gym to getting ready and dressed, as well as a general refresh for both of us. I also need some private time to be in contact with my family.

  • I have a zero tolerance for gossiping. Please, do not talk about other companions. These are my colleagues, and I respect their privacy. Human relationships are beautiful and unique. Hence, it’s no concern of mine to know what went on between two individuals, especially when I was not there. If you have heard about the golden rule, you would not appreciate being discussed either. Frankly, I prefer to have my undivided attention on you. Likewise, I wish that our encounter remains 100% private and I do not wish my name being mentioned in your other encounters, even if you used me as a reference.​

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